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We are passionate experts networks and software. We help our customers choose the best solution when it exists, otherwise we build it for them.


Software development
We design and develop software for your web and your mobile clients.
Network design
We design, optimize and deploy wired and wireless networks and high-troughput point-to-point wireless bridges. We excel at network security and take care of your existing networks.
Research Projects
We join and lead research projects as an SME, both in the Horizon2020 and FP7 European frameworks and in the Italian ones.
ICT Partner for Schools
We are the choice partner of Schools and Educational Instituitions. We take care of Laboratories design and renew. We can offer the best HW/SW solutions for education.
IT Security
We take care of your data and network offering solutions based on Firewall, Antivirus and automatic and periodic backups and health checks.
System Integration
We specialize in custom system integration, and we are able to develop SW-to-SW and HW-to-SW adaptation layers for your heterogeneous systems.




We design and build your school’s Informatics Laboratory or Language Teaching Laboratory. Not only we take care of integrating the right equipment (computers, printers, multimedia blackboards) but we choose desks, chairs and all furniture, we design how to optimally fit them in your space and we are able to renew the room’s cabling or its drywalls construction to match the ergonomics of the design.



Your storage and shared documents solution. Deploy your own document server and enjoy seamless bidirectional synchronization with PCs you select. Control access to documents via users and workgroups.


Multi-terminal Secretariat

Modular hardware/software solution for the modernization of secretarial IT infrastructures in school administrations. The solution allows you to increase the level of security (in compliance with the GDPR rules), make easier the implementation of the Smart Working, reduces the costs of managing and updating the IT infrastructure.



It is the service of adjustment of your P.A. to the new U.E. regulation 2016/679 effective from 25 May 2018. Includes the appointment of one of our experts as your RPD, the technical advice ICT for the safety of treatments and the preparation of all necessary documentation.



It is the service for the protection of your ADSL connections. It filters connections to prohibited websites by imposing access.



It is the service of adjustment of your P.A. to the minimum security measures provided for by the D.P.C.M. August 1, 2015. Includes ICT technical advice with your Digital Transition Responor and the installation of a network device for profiling users accessing the Institute’s intranet / internet network. The device also registers all the connections to the WEB on LOG files.



Software solution to support the handling and monitoring of containers in a port terminal. Web-based interface for the management of movements and CODECO / COARRI data generation.



Complete software solution for the management and monitoring of the loading / discharging of vehicles in a port. Communication with customers with email notifications of arrivals / departures of boarding / landing vehicles, automatic printing of vouchers, entrance / exit control at gates and terminal management.



A custom designed high-performance router that is able to balance your outgoing IP traffic over two or more ADSL lines, and at the same time enforce traffic shaping and policing in order to group into categories and optimally route through the available lines.

Our Team

Antonio Pantò
Renato Narcisi
Business developer
Sergio Armenia
Software Developer
Vincenzo Failla
Software Developer
Giuseppe Tropea
R&D Engineer
Elena Carobene
Web developer
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